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MEO Receipt Audit

Workflow process

Once a claim has been approved by the manager it will move into the MEO audit level which will be checked daily.

Depending on the outcome of the validation claim lines will either be approved onto the Payroll Team for batching and interfacing, or they will be denied back to the claimant for correction.

Claim line checking

All claim lines in the MEO audit level will already have been approved by the manager, as any denied lines will have gone back to the claimant. Our checks will be:

  • Confirm the gross value of the claim line matches the receipt value.

  • Confirm the VAT rate and value on the receipt matches the values on the claim line.

  • Confirm the date of the claim line matches the date on the receipt.

  • For mileage claims confirm that the date and receipt value fits within the HMRC rules for reclaiming VAT on mileage claims.

  • Where a claim line does not have a receipt, a valid reason has been given by the claimant and the line has been approved by their manager, we will check that the VAT has been reset to 0% and leave the line as approved.

Any lines which meet the requirements above will be left as approved and processed onto the Payroll Team. Any lines which do not match the above rules will be denied back to the claimant, with a note on the claim line for correction.

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